Sideponey Express Music Festival is coming to Chuckleheads Nov 10th, 11th and 12th!

Live bands all weekend long!

On Friday, you can take a break from the music with comedian Reena Calms Nov 10th @ 8pm. Purchase Tickets. Reena Calms is a serious road comic who will perform one night only! Don't miss the festivities at Chuckleheads this weekend! 

Sidepony Express Music Festival is a three-day showcase of emerging independent musical artists in one of the most quirky, colorful and inspiring places on earth…none other than Bisbee, AZ.  We began 12 years ago with a handful of acts, and at our pre-pandemic peak in 2019 featured over 140 different acts in one weekend.  This will be our 10th official Sidepony!!!!

Once a booming copper-mining town, this haunted high-desert destination is nestled in the Mule Mountains of Cochise County about 30 minutes Southeast of the O.K. Corral in Tombstone.  Rich with vibrant natural landscapes and majestic Victorian architecture, Bisbee is a feast for the eyes.  Whether from all of the minerals in the earth or just the eclectic open-minded populous, the area is magnetic.

In the late 20th century it experienced a renaissance of culture with a large influx of artist residents.  Now a haven for left-of-center free-thinkers and an ever-growing art colony, Bisbee is an ideal spot for a festival celebrating underground, original, art-forward music from artists across the genre board.

Genres include but are not limited to (loosely-labeled): indie folk, hip-hop fusion, island jam funk, experimental orchestral metal, avant-pop dance rock, lo-fi garage jazz, western psychedelic soul, desert noir, Latin gypsy folklorico fusion, singer/songwriter folk troubadours, honky-tonk, ambient electronic and much much more…

The 9th-annual official event will be held across multiple venues in Bisbee during the weekend of November 10-12, 2023. 

To give you an idea, in the past we’ve been offered a new musical artist each hour in 18+ unique venues for 3 days straight, and have featured well over 100 bands who each play multiple times throughout the weekend in different spaces, every kind of vibe you can imagine.  Each year the amount of venues and bands change a wee bit, but the good times only get better.

This event is open and free to the public.

Don't miss this insane weekend packed with entertainment only at Chuckleheads!

Warm regards,
Chuckleheads Team